Facial Aesthetics


At Enamel Dentistry we believe that minimally invasive treatments are the only way to go.  And this is not only directed at your teeth.  Dr Sheryl Smithies has a keen interest and skill in doing facial aesthetic treatments that enhance your natural beauty and prevent aging.  We feel that by only treating the teeth we really are missing the fact that your teeth are framed by your face. Being a Digital Smile Design (DSD) clinic, selected members of our team are trained in treating your mouth whilst taking the harmony of the entire face into consideration too. We encourage our patients to consider our Facial Aesthetic treatments as an added way to holistically enhance their Digital Smile Design treatment.  But you’re also welcome to visit just for your facial aesthetic treatment too.

Although Dr Smithies is trained in many areas of facial aesthetic treatments, these are the few treatments that we feel deserve a mention as well as your time to have the treatment done:

Aptos Thread Lift

Collagen is the basis to any anti-ageing and preventing treatment.  By placing strategic threads under your skin, we build a scaffold that supports and prevent wrinkles but they can also lift your skin.  Collagen production drastically reduces after the age of 35 and this is where our ageing really starts.  By stimulating collagen production, Aptos threads will dissolve over time but your new collagen that has been built around the thread will last.  If started early enough, you could prevent a facelift.  And if you only find threads at a later stage in life, they will armour your skin and give it more support (even if you do still need a face lift).  Dr Smithies believes that everyone should be starting to do armouring threads after the age of 35.  Some dramatic results can be seen directly after treatment and these results will progress over 6 months while your collagen is building.  We suggest that you do your threads every 18 months to 2 years to maintain the lift.

Trendy face sculpting is now possible and the latest is the Fox Eyes.  Using threads, we lift the outer corners of your eyebrow up thereby opening your eye up and gives you a heightened brow.  Looks spectacular and is very easy to achieve.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler Treatment

This is such a profound treatment as it can be as subtle or as prominent as you want it to be.  There are so many issues that Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers can treat from dry, wrinkly skin to full sculpting of target areas.  As your skin loses its suppleness through the ageing process, HA fillers can be used to target deep wrinkles, thinning lips, sunken cheekbones, dark circles around your eyes, smoker’s lines, frown grooves, sharpening jawlines, contouring and even a mini lift with fillers.  Everyone deserves to have HA fillers as part of their prevention strategy.  These fillers are relatively painless with a potential of bruising after treatment which is far outweighed by the fabulous effects you’ll get from the filler.


A Gold Standard in the routine of anyone seriously interested in ageing prevention.  Yes, the toxin can smooth existing lines, but its preventative ability is unsurpassed.   We suggest starting the treatments anywhere from your late 20’s to start to prevent any wrinkles from setting in.  If you missed that age group, then start whenever you can if you want to soften the wrinkles you already have.  These treatments generally last 3-4 months and you’ll definitely want to do it again when it wears off.

Toxin can also be used for other modalities in aiding migraines as well as clenching and grinding of teeth.  If you’re unsure whether it may help you, consult with Dr Smithies and she can guide you how it may be effective for you.

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