"DSD is the starting point of all dental rehabilitation, for both simple and complex cases. For many dentists treatment planning resulted in compromises of both Aesthetics and Function, with DSD we now have a truly facially Driven Planning process which can guarantee perfect results. DSD allows us to make Multidisciplinary decisions that most cases need and is the perfect tool for communication to the entire Dental Team. Minimally Invasive Dentistry is my passion and without doubt DSD is the driving force to ensure tooth preservation in all cases.

The most powerful use of DSD is the emotional benefits we see when we allow our patients to be involved in the treatment process. We live in a world where communication is key, DSD is the perfect language!"

Mark is a DSD World Master and an Instructor, the only Instructor in South Africa, and one of only two on the African Continent. He lectures and teaches DSD both in South Africa and Internationally.

1. Digital Photography

Digital Photography and state-of-the-art computer imaging software is used to create the perfect smile. Teeth are positioned in the most Aesthetic and Functional position for each patient. Digital Smile Design seeks to present a new face of dentistry, a more natural, emotional and artistic approach. One cannot and should not underestimate the importance of a healthy smile.


2. 2D and 3D DSD Planning



3. Dental/Digital Wax-Up

In all but the simplest case, we will transform the imaging picture into a 3D model. Not just on the computer but a model you can pick up and examine. You can check the aesthetics from every angle, and we can check the function. All this is done before we touch a tooth.



4. Dental Mock Up (Test Drive)

This is the really clever bit and an exciting time for the patient! We make a copy of 3D printed model and transfer it to the mouth for us to look at. This process will confirm that the Aesthetic Design is in harmony with the face and will allow the dental team to choose the most minimally invasive techniques to achieve the desired result. The mock up is removed and a detailed plan and estimate is prepared for the patient.


5. Final Treatment

Delivery of your new smile – Executed exactly as we’ve planned it with you. Our master ceramist duplicates the smile design in the final restorations and adds the fine colour, surface anatomy and texture to bring your new smile to life! The Digital Smile Design concept aims to help the dentist in achieving the perfect smile and provides both harmony and function using the most conservative dental techniques.




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